Body PPE

One of the best ways of avoiding injuries in the workplace is making all persons in the work area visible. Our body being what allows us to be productive is one of the first aspects we need to cover when protecting ourselves.


KNIGHT focuses on quality fabrics, designs and standards when it comes to workwear and supply of hi-visibility clothing to complement this requirement. 


Molten metal, chemical splashes or minor workplace incidents do not choose their victims, therefore, it is vital that work clothing is worn and adequate to the context of work and environment. Work overalls should not only be conform to respective standards but should also make the end-user visible to reduce fatality.


Hi-visibility clothing sets the wearer apart from their background, with high performance retro reflective tapes (EN 471 standard) for night-time visibility and bright colours for daytime visibility. For those working out of doors in inclement weather some of it is designed to keep the wearer warm and dry as well as visible.

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